Bogdan-Iulian Ciubotaru, PhD, Eng.
easier to remember, Bogdan
Bucharest, Romania

cybersecurity expert

scientific researcher

full-stack developer

Research and military career path
2017 - Present
Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency (METRA), Ministry of National Defence

Scientific researcher, rank 3, in computer science and cybersecurity domains

2019 - Present
European Defence Agency

National Coordinator - Cybersecurity Captech

2020 - Present
Science and Technology Organization, NATO

2020 - 2023 - System Analysis and Studies Member

2023 - Present - Information Systems Technology Member

2017 - Present
Research and development projects

International funding

  • Institutional coordinator - Secure Digital Military Mobility System (SDMMS),
    European Defence Fund
  • Technical coordinator - Cyber Rapid Response Toolbox for Defence Use, Cyber4de,
    European Defence Industrial Development Programme  - EDIDP
  • Key expert, Romanian National Quantum Communication Infrastructure,
    Digital Europe Programme

National funding

  • Member of research team, cINnAMON – A Non-Intrusive Home Surveillance System for Assisting Elderly Persons with Frailty Risk (UEFISCDI EUREKA Traditional PN-III-P3-3.5-EUK-2019-0202 contract number 189/01.10.2020)
  • Member of research team, Certified components based interoperable system for remote electronic signature creation services conforming to eidas regulation, PN-III-P2-2.1-PTE-2021-0655, 2022-2023
  • Member of research team, Identify people in video streams, using silhouette biometrics, PN-III-P2-2.1-SOL-2021-0114
  • Member of research team, A non-intrusive home surveillance system for assisting elderly persons with frailty risk, PN-III-P3-3.5-EUK-2019-0202
  • Member of research team, Strategy for national participation in the new european context for coordinating security and space industry research, PN-III-P2-2.1-SOL-2020-3-0415
  • Member of research team, Search and rescue mission drone network (DEFEND), PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2016-0732
Scientific research articles
  • Prototype Results of an Internet of Things System Using Wearables and Artificial Intelligence for the Detection of Frailty in Elderly People (Bogdan-Iulian Ciubotaru; Gabriel-Vasilică Sasu; Nicolae Goga; Andrei Vasilățeanu; Iuliana Marin; Maria Goga; Ramona Popovici; Gora Datta) - WOS:001046158400001
  • Architecture of a Non-Intrusive IoT System for Frailty Detection in Older People (Bogdan-Iulian Ciubotaru; Gabriel-Vasilică Sasu; Nicolae Goga; Andrei Vasilateanu; Alexandru-Filip Popovici) - WOS:000987213400001
  • A Quantitative Research for Determining the User Requirements for Developing a System to Assist People with Frailty (Bogdan-Iulian Ciubotaru; Vasilică-Gabriel Sasu; Andrei Vasilateanu; Nicolae Goga; Ramona Dragomir; Alexandru-Filip Popovici) - DOI: 10.1109/CSCS52396.2021.00014
  • Quantitative Research for Determining the User Requirements for Developing a System to Detect Depression (Vasilică-Gabriel Sasu; Bogdan-Iulian Ciubotaru; Ramona Popovici; Alexandru-Filip Popovici; Nicolae Goga; Gora Datta) - WOS:000802227900144
  • EXTENDED ANALYSIS USING NIST METHODOLOGY OF SENSOR DATA ENTROPY (Florin Rastoceanu; Bogdan-Iulian Ciubotaru; Ionut Radoi; Constantin Viorel Marian) - WOS:000692193500010
  • Improved Secure Internet of Things System using Web Services and Low Power Single-board Computers (Bogdan-Iulian Ciubotaru, Vasilica-Gabriel Sasu, Andrei Vasilateanu) - WOS:000646194100015

Full list available here.

Education, courses and awards
2019 - 2023
Doctoral School of Automation and Computers, Polytechnic University

Doctoral degree, Computer Science and Information Technology

PhD thesis title: Healthcare surveillance: an approach using Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Web Technologies

Military Technical Academy

Master degree, Electronics applied in robotics for security and defense

Title: Graphical user interface for simultaneous management of a robots system

Faculty of Military Electronic and Informatics Systems, Military Technical Academy

Bachelor degree, Computer and communications engineer

Title: Smarthome application with Raspberry PI and web interface

  • Foundations of Project Management, Google, 2022
  • Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project, Google, 2022
  • HPC Course, Waterford Institute of Technology, 2020
  • Cybersecurity Course, European Security and Defence College (ESDC), 2019, Budapest
  • Mobile terminal investigation course, Military Technical Academy, 2018
  • Responsive websites, London University, 2016
  • CCNA 1, CCNA 2, ATM, 2016
  • IT Essentials, CISCO, 2014
  • Cybersecurity, CISCO, 2014
  • Internet of Everything - June 9th Class, CISCO, 2014
  • Database Design and Programming with SQL, Oracle, 2013
  • ECDL Core Certificate, 2013
Awards and distinctions

-1st place Black Sea Defence and Aerospace hackathon
-1st place Devhacks hackathon, Climate change section
-2nd place DevHacks hackathon, Driving innovation in Education Hackathon section
-1st prize Junction Helsinki hackathon, Track Future Cities, Open City Challenge
-1st prize Coding Contest Ericsson, Helsinki
-1st prize DevHacks Award hackathon, Digital Transformation section
-1st prize at HackMAN, cyber security and data analysis contest, 1st and 2nd edition
-1st prize at DevHacks hackathon, Cyber Security section
Driving Licence: B
-2nd prize and silver medal at DefCamp 2017, section of industrial control system and data from critical infrastructures
-1st Prize at the Scientific Communications Session COMMUNICATING ACROSS CULTURES, AFASTUD 2017, Fundamental
Sciences & Engineering section
-2nd Prize at the CERC Scientific Communications Session, Military Technical Academy, Robotics and Automation section